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  1. Account number : 1950 - 003 – 6836
  2. All payment remittance slip shall be email to  [email protected]
  3. Kindly highlight any discrepancy within fourteen (14) days of this invoice or payment, whichever earlier, otherwise, invoice shall be deemed correct and final;
  4. Full Payment must be made three (3) day (before 12:00pm) before commencement of delivery;
  5. Any changes to the delivery arrangement should be notified three (3) days in advance (before 12:00pm), otherwise, all Food and Beverages and delivery arrangements are considered unchangeable and final;
  6. All Foods & Beverages are prepared in good faith. Once picked up by the delivery partner from the kitchen are consider sold;
  7. For self-pick up arrangement, you are agreeable to take full responsibility to arrange your logistics accordingly;
  8. Please noted that all herbs are individually assigned to the respective customer once payment made. All vegetables are freshly prepared everyday accordingly. As such, all Foods & Beverages ordered and prepared (after three (3) day advance notice cut-off point) are neither returnable, exchangeable nor refundable;
  9. PPMM, at its sole discretion, reserve the right to suspend all of our services and deliveries;
  10. Please noted that package price is offered at a discounted rate. Should there be any changes to the package, you are agreeable to revert back to the daily rate computation;
  11. You acknowledged that administration time and costs incurred by PPMM and you agreed to reimbursed an administration fee equivalent to 10% of any unutilized credit in the event of refund;
  12. For product refund, the customer must call the office for appointment and present the original sales order invoice;
  13. For all Food and Beverages delivered, you agreed that are not refundable;
  14. The products exchange or refund should be of marketable (namely, unopened, undamaged and resalable). Products that are returned no exceed 3 months of the order date;
  15. The form of refund will be based on the original form of payment such as a bank transfer or credit card charge. Instead of a refund, PPMM may choose other alternatives such as product credit, as PPMM may decide in its sole discretion;
  16. Kindly allow 14 working days for the processing of the refund upon submission of all the relevant documents and products;
  17. Additional delivery charges are based on actual cost incurred by our 3rd party delivery partner;
  18. The normal delivery schedule is between 11:30am to 12:30pm and 4:30pm to 6:30pm.
  19. A delay may occur should there be any unforeseen traffic and weather conditions on the respective day or any unforeseen circumstances.
  20. You are responsible to receive your delivery according to the stipulated time above;
  21. Door-to-Door Service, is available at an additional of RM5 per day per delivery;
  22. All bags and containers are properties of PPMM. You are agreeable to take care and return all in good faith. You are agreeable to reimburse PPMM for any damages and loss to the items;
Without prejudice